ZOOM Special Members Meeting Agenda - Sunday 9 August at 12.00noon

The AgendaAll members of Greenford Baptist Church are invited to this important ON-LINE ZOOM meeting.

The Special Members Meeting agenda is here: Members Meeting Agenda.

Afternoon Meeting - every 3rd Sunday

An opportunity for those who maybe cannot attend Sunday morning meetings or for those who want a double dose of church! This is a “normal” church meeting for around 1 hour. A time of worship and a very short talk. A time for you to take with the Lord and fellow worshipers.

We will be meeting every third Sunday of the month at 5pm excluding August and December. All are welcome.

Please check our weekly GBC NEWS for details of what is planned.

Former pastor David Wise's leaving celebration.

The church celebrated former pastor David Wise's 32 years of ministry at Greenford Baptist Church on 14 September 2019.

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Iron Men - Men's Group

Welcome to Iron Men, the group for the men of Greenford Baptist Church, run by Varinder Sandhu.

The aim of the group is to discuss and debate men’s issues in this modern world and to talk about what we as 'men of the church' think about them.

Iron Men was started back in early 2018 and has always been very well attended.

Do visit our facebook page Iron Men - Men's Group, where you can keep up to date with upcoming meetings and events.

For more details please speak with Varinder.

Take a look at photos taken during one of our Sunday morning meetings.

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Waiting Here For You

Waiting Here For YouA beautiful worship song from Martin Smith, taken from "God's Great Dance Floor - Step"

Read more: Waiting Here For You

2015 Greenford Baptist Church Leadership Team Strategic Objectives

Vision Statement

Reclaiming Ground and Restoring Hope through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ

Read more: 2015 Greenford Baptist Church Leadership Team Strategic Objectives

24-7 Prayer Event

This 24-7 several day prayer relay event called JVP03 took place in 2003. It was a very special time where those who participated in the one-hour prayer slots met Jesus in a powerful way.

The Last Dance - International Evening 2014

The Last Dance - International Evening 2014The International Evening was another great success this year, with around 150 people attending. Here is a rather surprising edit of the last dance of the night.

Read more: The Last Dance - International Evening 2014

Event Bookings

You are most welcome to book your event here.

When you have completed the booking form click the Save button and watch of the following conffirmation message:

Your event has been saved and is under review

Until your booking has been revewed and approved by our booking staff it will not be a confirmed booking. Once it has been approved your booking will be appear on the calendar and you will be sent a confirmation email.

We allow bookings for most types of events with the notable exceptions of adult's parties and events involving alcohol.

Event Enquiries

If you would like to enquire about having an event at Greenford Baptist Church please contact the bookings administrator.

Warren McNeil's Ordination and Induction Video

Warren McNeil's Ordination and Induction VideoToday, 25 January 2014, the newly created Rev. Warren McNeil became an Associate Pastor of Greenford Baptist Church during his Ordination and Induction service...

Read more: Warren McNeil's Ordination and Induction Video

The Bigness of God ~ a poem by Izin Akhabau

The Bigness of God ~ a poem by Izin AkhabauA poem by Izin Akhabau about the Bigness of God

Read more: The Bigness of God ~ a poem by Izin Akhabau

Monthly Events Calendar Tips - the Dynamic Legend

Above and below the monthly Events Calendar you will see coloured keys called Dynamic Legends which list the various types of events, as follows:

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BlessingsThis is my favorite blessing. What's yours? Do let us know via the 'Add new comment' link below.

"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

Numbers 6:22-27

Prepare for the bad weather now

Storms? Floods? Snow? Ice? Whatever the weather brings - prepare for it now.

We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be. The AA have lots of advice and tips that should help you cope with what you may have to face. It's all been compiled from the experience they've gained from years of experience in coping with emergencies. We hope you find it useful. Click here to go to the AA website

BMS Church Partners

BMS Church PartnersAs a part of Greenford Baptist's continuing commitment to Social Justice, we have commenced an official partnering initiative with the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS). This means that we have "adopted" three different mission families/individuals, all of whom having justice at the core of their mission contexts...


Read more: BMS Church Partners

Policy for Hiring of Greenford Baptist Church Equipment for Non-Church Activities or Personal Use.

  1. Anybody wanting to hire Greenford Baptist Church (GBC) equipment are required to be church members.
  2. All applications to hire equipment are to be made, via email, to the chair of CPMT.*
  3. Such an application in 2. (above) should contain the type and amount of equipment to be hired including the duration of the hire.
  4. Items should be returned by the date specified in the application and in the same condition as they were when taken.
  5. The hirer may require training in the use of the equipment prior to the rental period.
  6. Any damage or breakage to hired items must be paid for by the person who has been authorised to hire the equipment.
  7. If the equipment is deemed expensive then GBC reserve the right to see insurance cover or a deposit equal to the amount of the equipment prior to rental.
  8. The person(s) hiring the equipment are responsible for putting the items back in their proper place and informing CPMT of their return, so that CPMT can verify the return of the equipment is in a satisfactory condition.
  9. GBC reserves the right to charge for the hiring of equipment.
  10. GBC reserve the right to refuse any hiring request without explanation.
Adopted 4th August 2013

* CPMT is the Church Premises Management Team - see photo gallery.

Starting a campaign is easy and effectve

Campaigns By You serviceSpeaking only on behalf of myself (because this is not a Greenford Baptist Church policy) and as I am a concerned individual, I hold up my hands to you and admit to participating in on-line petitions in order to campaign for justice issues. There are several popular and effective on-line campaign organisations, one of which is 38 Degrees. The following 38 Degrees video inspired me to write this blog...

Read more: Campaigns By You service

Guide to Creating a Distinct Music Mix

There are three major steps in creating a solid music mix. I’ve been following this process for years with great success. The following outlines my process and will help if you’re having difficulties creating a consistently solid mix each time you are behind the mixer.

You can read the rest of this article on behindthemixer.com, which is the the website of church audio engineer Chris Huff. You can also subscribe to Chris's newsletters and obtain audio training guides and courses.

Teaching Your People To Worship

If you have been in the ministry for a while you know that the arts department has a tendency to draw people of all colors and expressions. We are a bit different as people who are for the most part on the creative side. We see things in a different light and approach things in different ways.

You can read the rest of this article on Pastor of Worship and Arts Stephen M. Newman's website experiencingworship.com. Once there you can also read other excellent articles about personal worship and worship leading.

Which ministry is it for you?

What can I do?This short animation by Geoff Schultz speaks about finding the ministry God is calling you to. Which of our ministries do you feel called to be part of?

Read more: Which ministry is it for you?

Truth and Lies Report

The lies we tell ourselves: ending comfortable myths about poverty

Truth and Lies ReportClick to openPastor David says; “As a church, we have “Good News to the Poor” as our motto for this year. The fact is that a lot of the things said by politicians and in the media are not Good News for the Poor. This church report puts straight a lot of the misinformation, I recommend that you read it”. (click the graphic on the left)...


Read more: Truth and Lies Report

Are you one of the missing pieces?

Are you one of the missing pieces?

At the May 2013 'Finding Your Ministry' meeting I spoke about an image of Greenford Baptist Church as a Jigsaw, with every person being a unique piece of the jigsaw, with different gifts, abilities, ministries and each with a unique place where only they and no one else can fit - just like a Jigsaw piece...

Read more: Are you one of the missing pieces?

Greenford Baptist Church's 2018 Church Mission Statement and Motto

Our 2018 Mission Statement:

  1. We will seek to make God's love expressed in Jesus Christ, known to all through caring and service, expressing our cultural diversity, and challenging injustice.
  2. We will encourage the spiritual and holistic well-being of our church community, promoting the living of clean lives, the use of personal gifting and a lifestyle that cares for God's creation.
  3. We will aim to reach every person in our community proclaiming the Good News of God's love and mercy, defending the defenceless, helping the helpless and expressing our faith in God through Jesus Christ.
  4. We will aim to be a resource to our community and Christian organisations both within the UK and beyond.

Our 2018 Motto:

Don’t be afraid! Speak Out! Don’t be silent! For I am with you… (Acts 18:9-10)

Though a vision given directly to the apostle Paul, it is also a word for the people of GBC for this season. We are to be a people who speak out for the Lord. The speaking out about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ should be the core of our daily lives. There are more people for the Kingdom of God than we know. We should not be afraid and most certainly not silent! Silence is what helps Satan advance. So let's thank God that He is with us and live our lives in that truth.

Pastor Warren McNeil

Ministry Partners for Noah's Ark baby and toddler group

Ministry Partners for Noah's Ark baby and toddler groupMinistry Partners needed for Noah's Ark, GBC's popular baby and toddler group. You need to be 'Safe to Grow' checked (or willing to be checked) and available on Tuesday mornings during school term time...

Read more: Ministry Partners for Noah's Ark baby and toddler group

Holy - a freeform worship dance

Holy - a freeform worship danceChristine O'Connor dances to Jesus during our morning meeting in this unrehearsed yet beautiful act of worship.

Read more: Holy - a freeform worship dance

Sunday Club Ministry Partners

Bose AkhabauNeeded urgently, Ministry Partners for Sunday Club, which takes place downstairs in the new building for about an hour during the Sunday morning adult teaching time....

Read more: Sunday Club Ministry Partners

Bosnia Herzegovina Mission Report 2012

Click here to watch the videoA group of volunteers were sent out from Greenford Baptist Church to serve Roma families in Bosnia Herzegovina in August 2012. Two members of the group, Chantelle Mason and Joy McNeil tell us what they found there.

Read more: Bosnia Herzegovina Mission Report 2012

Church website administrator and article contributors

We are looking for Ministry Partners to help write or bring new articles, graphics and videos to this website, keeping it up to date, fresh and alive and also for general website administration...

Read more: Church Website Administrator

Video Camera Operator Opportunity

cameramanNo previous experience of camerawork is required but if you do have some it would be helpful. Full training and onward mentoring is provided...

Read more: Video Camera Operators

Nicky Airey's Baptism Testimony and Baptism

Click here to watch the video In this full version of the video (with the congregation's prayers) you can watch Nicky Airey as she is baptised and gives her testimony on Sunday 26 February 2012, telling about when she was an atheist and God was giving her a miraculous sign of personal healing — and how she became a women of faith.

Read more: Nicky Airey's Baptism Testimony and Baptism

Gloria's Testimony


Gloria, a long time member of Greenford Baptist Church, suffers from ME and depression, and yet by God's grace she is an encourager. This is Gloria's story of 2011, in just five minutes.

Read more: Gloria's Testimony

An Interview With Robson

An Interview With Robson Robson became a Christian so he could marry the now Assistant Pastor Denise! That was the extent of his relationship with God, until early one dark and wet morning on his motorbike, he says 'God intervened - and everything changed!'

Robson's 20 minute story is one of recovery and restoration.

Read more: An Interview With Robson

An Interview with Nicky

An Interview with NickyNicky is a successful business manager and until recently also was an atheist with serious kidney disease and a lot of work related stress.

A 16 minute God story about how Nicky came to faith.

Read more: An Interview with Nicky

An Interview with Rachel

An Interview with RachelFor Rachel, a young single mother, starting a relationship with Jesus Christ was not without it's difficulties.

Her 18 minute talk is inspirational.

Read more: An Interview with Rachel

Rachel Jagroop's Baptism Baptism Testimony

Rachel Jagroop's Baptism Baptism TestimonyRachel Jagroop, former raver and now a Christian single mother, is about to be baptised. Rachel tells a moving account of her journey to knowing God more closely and how the relationship has helped her in troubled situations.

Read more: Rachel Jagroop's Baptism Baptism Testimony

How Pastor David Wise came to a relationship with God

How Pastor David Wise came to a relationship with God It was a wet school day in November 1969 when young David Wise started out on his journey with God. 'Wise' as he was then known, had a reputation for being outspoken - he certainly didn't mince his words to the teacher that afternoon! This is not your average account of someone coming to a relationship with God, in fact it took two years for young Wise to discover the connection between God and the Church.

Read more: How Pastor David Wise came to a relationship with God

Denise DeOliveira on Praising God

Denise DeOliveira on Praising GodThis dynamic three and a half minute prayer sequence was taken from the end of one of Assistant Pastor Denise DeOliveira's Bible teachings.

Read more: Denise DeOliveira on Praising God

Mwyzr Ferguson's rap with no name

Mwyzr Ferguson's rap with no name This is Mwyzr (pronounced Minzer) Ferguson performing a rap she wrote at Greenford Baptist Church's International Evening in September 2011.

Read more: Mwyzr Ferguson's rap with no name

Policy Statement on Equal Opportunities for Greenford Baptist Church

This statement was agreed at the Church Meeting held on 2nd October 2011

As an organisation using the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure service to assess applicants' suitability for positions of trust, this church undertakes to treat all applicants for positions fairly. It undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against any subject of a Disclosure on the basis of conviction or other information received.

We welcome people to serve the church on the basis of the right mix of talent, skills, character, potential and call of God, including those with criminal records.

A Disclosure is requested only after a thorough risk assessment has indicated that one is both proportionate and relevant to the position concerned.

A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to a person serving with children and young people. This will depend on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of the offences.

In order to protect the confidentiality of those with criminal records we will access Disclosures through the Churches' Agency for Safeguarding. We invite the Baptist Union's Child Protection Advisory Panel to advise us in the appointment process when necessary, and we agree to act on their advice for the protection of children and young people.

Policy Statement On Safeguarding Children and Young People in the Church

Click to enlarge.

Greenford Baptist Church

(referred to as "the church" in the policy Statement)

The vision/purpose of the church:

"Greenford Baptist Church is committed to the development and safekeeping of all who are involved with it. As such, we aim to prevent the abuse, in any form, of all the young people involved in the life and work of the church. We also aim to develop and train all those involved in the church's work with young people. Furthermore, as a church, we accept that the responsibility for fulfilling this commitment and it's subsequent aims rests with each and every member of the church."

In fulfilling this vision/purpose the church

  • has a programme of activities with children and young people
  • welcomes children and young people into the life of our community
  • makes our premises available to organisations working with children and young people

The church recognises its responsibilities for the safeguarding of all children and young people under the age of 18 (regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability) as set out in The Children Act 1989 and 2004, Safe from Harm (HM Government 1994) and Working Together to Safeguard Children (HM Government 2010)[or Working Together under the Children Act (Welsh Assembly Government 2006)].
As members of this church we commit ourselves to the nurturing, protection and safeguarding of all children and young people associated with the church and will pray for them regularly.
In pursuit of this we commit ourselves to following the policies and to the development of procedures to ensure their implementation.

Prevention and reporting of abuse

It is the duty of each church member and each member of the wider church family to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children and young people and the duty of all to respond to concerns about the well-being of children and young people and to report any child abuse disclosed, discovered and suspected. The church will fully co-operate with any statutory investigation into any suspected abuse linked with the church.

Safe recruitment, support and supervision of workers

The church will exercise proper care in the selection and appointment of those working with children and young people, whether paid or voluntary. The church will seek to ensure that appropriate training, support and supervision to promote the safeguarding of children will be provided.

Respecting children and young people

The church will adopt a code of behaviour for all who are appointed to work with children and young people so that all children and young people are shown the respect that is due to them.

Safe working practices

The church is committed to providing a safe environment for activities with children and young people and will adopt ways of working with children and young people that promote their safety and well-being.

A safe community

The church is committed to the prevention of bullying of children and young people. The church will seek to ensure that the behaviour of any who may pose a risk to children and young people in the community of the church is managed appropriately.

Responsible people

The church has appointed Warren McNeil as the Safeguarding Trustee to:

  • oversee and monitor implementation of the policy and procedures on behalf of the church's charity trustees

The church has appointed Belinda Adisa as the Designated Person for Safeguarding to:

  • advise the church on any matters related to the safeguarding of children and young people
  • take appropriate action when abuse is disclosed, discovered or suspected.

Policy and procedures

A copy of this policy statement is on our website at greenfordbaptist.london/about-us/vision-and-policies.
Each worker with children and young people whether paid or voluntary will be given a full copy of the policy and procedures and will be required to follow them.
A full copy of the policy and procedures will be made available on request to any member of the church, the parents or carers or young person from the church or any person associated with the church.
The policy and procedures will be monitored and reviewed at least annually.
The policy statement will be read annually at the church meeting in February together with a report on the outcome of the annual review. Adopted 02/10/2011

Emma's Gallery

Here are some of Emma's paintings and drawings. Click a picture to enlarge it. Navigation: Touch screen swipe left or right. Keyboard press right or left arrow key.

Finding Artist Emma Kinani

Finding artist Emma Kinani GBC Multi Media Ministry member, Emma Kinani, had a promising art career ahead of her, but it fell by the wayside ... that is until two months ago, when she re-found her former love: painting. For the next two months Emma was inspired to paint. She burned much midnight oil, often going to bed with the dawn chorus.

Meet the artist Emma Kinani and get a sneak preview of her growing art collection.

Read more: Finding Artist Emma Kinani

Do you feel rejected?

Do you feel rejected?Liz Robertson brings an encouraging prophetic message from God to those who feel rejected. Although this was filmed on 29 May 2011, might God have this same message for YOU today?

Read more: Do you feel rejected?

The Return of Jo Fitzwater

Click here to watch the videoJonathan, as he was called then, was practically born in Greenford Baptist Church and sort of grew up there. Then he left and for ten years he sang a very different song: "I did it my way". Now at forty, Jo is back, stronger and more bad than ever, with rakish good looks.... enough of the dramatics, already! ...

Read more: The Return of Jo Fitzwater

Warren McNeil ~ He wasn't happy...

Warren McNeil ~ He wasn't happy...When Pastor Warren told Pastor David that he wasn't happy, and everyone around him was having a wonderful time in the presence of the Holy Spirit, you have to scratch your head wonder what's going on! ...

Read more: Warren McNeil ~ He wasn't happy...

Easter Mission Highlights Interview 2011

Easter Mission Highlights Interview 2011 And after six days of church-wide labour in the Greenford Broadway shop called "The Word on the street is..." THERE WAS REST! Andy Robertson and Pastor Warren McNeil relax in the prayer area of the shop on the seventh day (Tuesday) and reflect on their personal highlights of this amazing mission. This "five minute" reflection was so special, it turned into a 37 minute interview.

Before you watch this please watch the ten minute presentation that it refers to: here. Recommended viewing for churches seeking to reach out into their wider communities.

Read more: Easter Mission Highlights Interview 2011

The Word on the street is… RISEN (easter mission)

The Word on the street is… RISEN (easter mission)'The Word on the street is... RISEN' is Greenford Baptist Church's 2011 Easter mission, based around a corner shop on Greenford Broadway. Watch as we roll out our community programme to the curious residents of Greenford (that's curious in a nice way).

Afterwards you can see how it all went in the Highlights Interview video here. Recommended viewing for churches seeking to reach out into their wider communities.

Read more: The Word on the street is… RISEN (easter mission)

Carole Cadman's Fasting Prophecy

Carole Cadman's Fasting Prophecy Carole brings a word from God encouraging us to look at making fasting part of our normal church practice.

Read more: Carole Cadman's Fasting Prophecy

Jo McMillan's Job Testimony

Click here to watch the videoJo McMillan, one of Greenford Baptist Church's young news presenters, is a rather extraordinary person. That's why the bosses of her her daytime job didn't renew her contract. However, God had a far better path for her to travel. Jo tells her exciting story....so far.

Also, see Jo presenting the very first GBC NEWS bulletin.

Read more: Jo McMillan's Job Testimony

GBC Youth News Bulletin for 13 March 2011

GBC Youth News Bulletin for 13 March 2011 This is a pilot news Bulletin for Sunday 13 March 2011 presented by two of the young people of Greenford Baptist Church - Jo McMillan and Aaron Page. Also, see Jo's job testimony.

Read more: GBC Youth News Bulletin for 13 March 2011

About the 2011 Easter Mission

About the 2011 Easter Mission Mission Coordinator Denzil Jarvis presents to Greenford Baptist Church, "About the 2011 Easter Mission" so members will know what to do and how to pray (see the prayer points at the end).

Read more: About the 2011 Easter Mission

The Holy Spirit ~ poem

The Holy Spirit ~ poem Pastor David Wise says, "This poem was written by Izin and performed in a recent morning meeting, I thought that it is so profound and challenging that those of you who visit our web site should have the opportunity to hear it."

Read more: The Holy Spirit ~ poem

Prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit

Prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit If you are a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ you will almost certainly want to be filled with the Holy Spirit on an ongoing basis. In this short but powerful prayer, Pastor David Wise prays for visitors to this website and for those in our Sunday meeting, that God would release His Holy Spirit so that healings and miracles would take place in their everyday lives. Is this prayer for you at this time?

Read more: Prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit

Pre-Easter Mission 2011 Video

Pre-Easter Mission 2011 Video Pastor David explains the vision behind our Easter mission in a five minute extract from his last Sunday's final sermon before his sabbatical.

Read more: Pre-Easter Mission 2011 Video

The Thomas family are Commissioned for their Bosnia Ministry

The Thomas family are Commissioned for their Bosnia Ministry The six members of the Thomas family are commissioned for their Bosnia and Herzegovina mission with Novi Most International by their home church, Greenford Baptist Church, on 7 May 2011. Witness a time of joy and sadness as they are 'sent by the church' into the mission field of Bosnia.

Read more: The Thomas family are Commissioned for their Bosnia Ministry

GBC supports RISE Ealing

GBC supports RISE Ealing Greenford Baptist Church is delighted to support RISE Ealing, which opened on 11 April — working in partnership with other local churches and organisations for the benefit of isolated older people in Greenford, Northolt and Perivale.

You can watch a very moving video (pun unintended) which has been produced by former GBC Multi Media Ministry leader Andy Wilson and shows how RISE Ealing (part of the Putney based charity Regenerate-RISE) changes the lives of our isolated older people.

Read more: GBC supports RISE Ealing

Heartlight Resources

Christian resources website Heartlight publishes much of its material through FREE daily emails. They have a variety of devotionals and verses, as well as daily inspirational articles. 

Heartlight says, "We pray that whatever service you choose, you will be uplifted by God's Word and continue to grow closer to Him each and every day."

You can subscribe to as many of the free services as you want (or all of them) and unsubscribe when you want to.

WebAuthor suggests you try some of them for a while and if God speaks to you or encourages you then why not recommend the services to your Christian friends.

Carol's Testimony at her Baptism

Carol's Testimony at her BaptismThis is the story of how Carol came to faith and was shared at her baptism. Carol's baptism is not included in this video.

Read more: Carol's Testimony at her Baptism

Interview with Andy Robertson, Trinity Homeless Project

Interview with Andy Robertson, Trinity Homeless ProjectAndy Robertson, fund raiser for the Trinity homeless project is interviewed by Pastor David Wise.

Read more: Interview with Andy Robertson, Trinity Homeless Project

Don't put up with it!

Don't put up with it!Liz Robertson is a member of Greenford Baptist Church's Leadership Team. She is gifted in the prophetic ministry and brings this message from God, "Don't put up with it!"

Read more: Don't put up with it!

The Greenford Baptist Church Constitution

The Greenford Baptist Church ConstitutionClick MeHere are all ten pages of the Greenford Baptist Church Constitution in Adobe Reader .pdf format.


New Church Members Vows

When being welcomed into the membership of Greenford Baptist Church, new members are asked the following questions—to which they respond, "I will".

New Church Members Vows

  1. Will you commit yourself to the life and witness of this church?
  2. Will you accept the importance of discipleship, and commit to this?
  3. Will you share the gifts God gives you with this family, receiving from it too?
  4. Will you attend Member's Meetings, and Communion as often as you are able?
  5. Will you support the church with your presence, your prayer and your giving as long as you are a member?

Testimony from Adam


A testimony to God's goodness from Adam.

Read more: Testimony from Adam

Church Membership at GBC

Church Membership at GBCWhat does it mean to be a Church Member at Greenford Baptist Church? Pastor David Wise explains.

Read more: Church Membership at GBC

Naomi and Keiran's Wedding Video highlights

Naomi and Keiran's Wedding Video highlightsThree and a half minutes of highlights from Naomi and Keiran's wedding video, 31 October 2009.

Read more: Naomi and Keiran's Wedding Video highlights

GBC Gospel Choir ~ Welcome to this Place

GBC Gospel Choir ~ Welcome to this PlaceHear the Greenford Baptist Church Gospel Choir sing "Welcome to this Place" - filmed 12 September 2009 at the International Evening.

Read more: GBC Gospel Choir ~ Welcome to this Place

GBC Gospel Choir ~ Sing unto the Lord

GBC Gospel Choir ~ Sing unto the LordHear the Greenford Baptist Church Gospel Choir sing "Sing unto the Lord" - filmed 12 September 2009 at the International Evening.

Read more: GBC Gospel Choir ~ Sing unto the Lord

Testimony from Hermine

Testimony from HermineA testimony to God's goodness from Hermine.

Read more: Testimony from Hermine

Ministry Network and Ministry Leaders

The Ministry Network provides mutual support, shares information and is a sounding board giving ministry feedback to the Leadership and Staff Teams.

The network meets around five times a year and consists of church members who lead our main ministries.

A wider range of ministries exists within the church than can be handled by the Ministry Network alone. To lead all these ministries the members of the Ministry Network are supplemented by the Leadership and Staff Teams. The combined Ministry Leaders list is here.

Ministry Network

Here are the members of Greenford Baptist Church's Ministry Network. The Ministry Network is a section of the larger Ministry Leaders team, see the complete list of Ministry Leaders here.

Click a picture to enlarge it. Navigation: Touch screen swipe left or right. Keyboard press right or left arrow key.

The Story of Warren McNeil

The Story of Warren McNeilPastor's Assistant Warren McNeil, in his maiden talk at the Wednesday Fellowship, spills the beans about his spiritual-life story and applies wisdom to his viewers.

Read more: The Story of Warren McNeil

The History of Greenford Baptist Church

This page is at greenfordbaptist.church/history.

The church building in recent times

The church building in the past

The Previous Greenford Baptist Church BuildingThe Previous Church Building in Beechwood Avenue

Click About Greenford to read about the history and current overview of Greenford town.

(WebAuthor’s Note: The following text was written in 1980, unless indicated otherwise)

Jubilee Greetings from from Haven Green Baptist Church, Ealing

"Members and friends of Haven Green send Christian greetings to the fellowship at Greenford Baptist Church on the occasion of your Jubilee. Despite early set backs through fire and war damage, you have grown as a fellowship and our prayer is that you will continue "to bear fruit in active goodness of every kind, and grow in the knowledge of God." (Colossians Chapter 1 verse 10).

A hundred years ago Haven Green was being built, and we look back with thankfulness to God that from our root, you and other fellowships have grown"

Rev Roger Hayden

Jubilee Greetings from Greenford Methodist Church

"The Minister and people of Greenford Methodist Church send their hearty congratulations and warm good wishes to their friends at Greenford Baptist Church. We celebrated our own Golden Jubilee in 1975, so our two churches have grown up together. We both suffered severe damage during the war. We were able to offer you some help for a short time, but then we too were bombed out of our own church. So we have shared our troubles, but not only troubles. For many years we have joined together for the Christmas and Good Friday services, and we hope that this and other forms of co-operation will continue into the future. We pray God's blessing upon your celebrations, and upon all the work and witness of your Church as you move into your second half century."

In The Beginning........

Early in 1930, when Greenford was changing rapidly into a populous suburb, a certain Major Browning set out to canvass a thousand homes in the area and succeeded in bringing together a number of Baptist folk. He also discovered that Haven Green Baptist Church, Ealing, was interested in trying to found a new church in Greenford. After canvassing diligently, Major Browning presented a list of interested people to the Rev. F. J. H. Humphrey and deacons from the Ealing Church who were to be sponsors for this new work.

The Cottage

Just at that time a Mr. Peppiatt, a deacon from Haven Green and a land developer, had acquired the estate of Lady Lawrence. This property stretched from Oldfield Lane down to what is now Greenford Road. Where List's the baker is now, there was Lady Lawrence's large country mansion called "The Cottage". Mr. Peppiatt offered it to Rev. Humphrey for use until such time as he should require to sell it. The offer was accepted and the Haven Green diaconate appointed four deacons to watch over the Greenford project. "The Cottage" lounge was used for Sunday services. There were about 112 people received into membership from November 1930 to July 1933. Of this 112, three members are still in fellowship today–Mrs. Edna Halden (November 1930), Mrs. M. Bosworth (June 193 1) and Mrs. Olive Pearce (November 1938). The late Mr. A. J. Bosworth who latterly served as Church Treasurer for 15 years died in February 1978. Mrs. Tregidgo, another one of the original founders, died just over a year ago in August 1978.

At the beginning of 1931 it was decided to form the Greenford Committee to represent the members' views and suggestions to the friends at Haven Green. Mr. E. A. Barritt was appointed by Haven Green to be the Greenford Branch Secretary and Mr. A. J. Bosworth was chosen by the Greenford Committee to be his assistant.

Rev. H. G. Hoare

Rev. H. G. HoareRev. H. G. Hoare

On April 3rd 1932, the Rev. and Mrs. H. G. Hoare and their three sons were taken into membership. Rev. Hoare offered to take the oversight of Greenford with no stipend, only his expenses. Prior to this, services on Sunday were being led by visiting ministers or one of the four deacons from Haven Green. Rev. Hoare had, in fact, retired from his last pastorate in Dunfermline, Scotland, but after the sudden sad death of his daughter (a missionary in India) Mr. Hoare felt it would be a challenge to concentrate on the building up of new Baptist churches and to this end came out of retirement. Mr. Hoare had already helped the church in College Road, Harrow, to get back on its feet.

On June 26th 1935 the Hoares left to go to Rayners Lane Baptist Church, which is known–in memory of his daughter–as the "Janet Hoare Memorial. After completing his work there, he moved to Ruislip Baptist Church and then to Kenton. It was there he passed away on March 30 1946.

The Building Fund

As numbers of church members increased, it became clear that more adequate accommodation would be needed. From humble beginnings a building fund was launched, and soon a suitable piece of land was secured for the building of a new church to seat 450 people. The site at Beechwood Avenue/Ruislip Road cost £7,500.

The First Church Building

The First Church BuildingThe First Church Building

The opening of the new church took place April 22nd 1933. The building was filled to capacity.

On July 19th 1933 the first Church Meeting of Greenford Free Church (Baptist) took place. The reason for the name "Free Church" was at the request of the builder, a Baptist deacon, Mr. C. W. B. Simmonds. He offered to erect the building at cost price, free of profit, on condition it would be so named.

Mr. Humphrey, who presided, with Mr. Hoare at this first meeting, read the same articles of general Baptist belief as had been done at a similar opening at Haven Green on October 18 1881. The members of the newly constituted Church were offered the right hand of fellowship by Rev. Hoare. Mr. Barritt, retired as Secretary of the Greenford Church now that it was no longer part of Haven Green Church. Mr. Bosworth, who had been his assistant, was duly appointed as Secretary to Greenford Free Church (Baptist). The first diaconate comprised Mr. H. W. Cater, who had served as branch treasurer, Mr. A. J. Bosworth, Mr. Levi Perry, Mr. A. Searl and Mr. P. Turner.

The first communion service was held after the meeting had concluded.

May 29 1933 saw the occasion of the first baptismal service in the new church. The candidates were Mrs. White, the Girls Life Brigade Captain, Mrs. Bosworth, Mrs. Barby and one other.

On July 19 1934 John Sanders of Ealing presented the church with a gift of £1,000 toward building and fabric costs.

Rev. F. C. Minard Perkins

Rev. F. C. Minard PerkinsRev. F. C. Minard Perkins

Mr. Perkins married late in 1936, but sadly his wife, Doreen, after a long illness, died of pneumonia in November 1939. Mr. Perkins' aunt, Miss Frances Minard, came to keep home for him.

May 5 1935 saw the commencement of the ministry of Rev. F. C. Minard Perkins from Marlow (his first pastorate). He was a single man and soon settled down to the work at Greenford. The church, in spite of a few teething problems, continued to grow.

The War Years

The Bombed ChurchThe Bombed Church

War clouds had begun to form and darken the skies and in September 1939 war finally broke out. News of it was first heard at morning service and almost immediately the air raid sirens sounded. It was, however, unanimously agreed to continue with the service in spite of the warning which, in fact, proved to be a false alarm. On Monday, 30 September 1940 the warning sirens were not false and at 12.40 a.m. the church, for which so much hard work had been given, was totally destroyed by a direct hit of a high explosive heavy calibre bomb.

Many homes in the area were also struck, doing much damage to property, insignificant however compared with the tragic loss of life and injury. Several church members also lost their homes.

Offers of Help

Both the Greenford Methodists and friends from the Church of England (Holy Cross) offered all possible assistance and use of premises. At first Church services continued at the Methodist Church, but after a while members met at Stanhope Boys School. On the ruined building was placed a notice, "The Church is down but we are not." Midweek prayer meetings were held at the Manse.

The Tin Tabernacle

The first donation for a new church came from the friends at Haven Green in December 1940. This was followed by a gift from Marlow Baptist Church (Rev. Perkins' previous church). Members of the Greenford Church soon became restless for a new building and a temporary building fund was started. By the end of June 1941 the fund had reached £133.

A local farmer, who was a Baptist Lay Preacher, had an old corrugated iron out building which he offered for the sum of £10. With the assistance of a local builders merchant, H. G. Slade, the craftsman husband of one of the members, and Mr. W. A. Whipps, the dismantling and re-erecting of the building on the church site was made along with all that remained of the original building, the kitchen and toilets. The 'Tin Tabernacle' sufficed for a while (apart from leakage when it rained) and seated 100 people. Friends at Western Road Baptist Church, Southall, helped by offering their baptistry when it was needed.

At this time the Sunday School and other Youth work had ceased as most children of the district had been evacuated chiefly to South Wales, Gower Peninsula and Devon.

The Tin TabernacleThe Tin Tabernacle

As mothers and children started to filter back, the Sunday School began again and at first, classes were held in homes. By October 1941 there were sufficient children to enable normal Sunday School to recommence. Mr. Moore, a local chemist, who had a shop opposite Eastmead Avenue along the Ruislip Road, offered the use of his premises. This helped considerably and part of the Sunday School was held there. It was looked upon as the Youth Centre as it was also used by Mrs. and Miss Jackson who ran Campaigners, and the Girls Life Brigade (as it was called then) also used it. Mrs. and Miss Burt also found a home in the flat above and Lena Burt still lives there today.

Oldfield Baptist Church

At Bloomsbury Central Church on September 23rd 1942 Rev. Perkins married again. His second wife, Rose Parnell from Portsmouth, had been working for the National Children's Home.

In 1944 the Greenford Church was asked to undertake the oversight of Oldfield Baptist Church and one of the deacons, Mr. P. Turner, and his family were transferred to membership there and did a fine job for a number of years before emigrating to Australia with his daughter and son-in-law. Mr. Perkins gave part of his time to Oldfield Baptist for which they made a contribution toward his stipend.

In April 1946 Mr. L. B. Crowe came to the church at Greenford from London Bible College as an assistant to Mr. Perkins to help with the work at Oldfield Baptist Church. In October 1946 he became their full-time Pastor.

The Extension

By the Spring of 1944 accommodation at the 'Tin Tabernacle' became insufficient and it was obvious that new plans would have to be made. It was decided to extend the temporary building by knocking out one end and adding a brick built section. The work was given to a local builder who completed the task for £144. This increased the seating capacity to 150 but it was only adequate for a short time.

Mr. Perkins due to illness had been advised by his doctor to move south and for the first time in its history the church was to be without a Pastor. At that time the pastorate at Romsey Baptist Church became vacant and in response to an invitation from the church there, Mr. Perkins left, albeit with regret, late September 1946.

Rev. N. R. Richards

Rev. N. R. RichardsRev. N. R. Richards

During the period of interregnum Rev. Hugh Butt from Southall and then Rev. G. Picketing of Hanwell were moderators for the church. The time without a minister lasted until September 1947 when on the 20th, Rev. N. R. Richards from South Wales Baptist College, Cardiff, was ordained and inducted to the pastorate.

Rev. Richards' ministry proved a successful one and it was not long before lack of space became a problem again.

The Pre-Fab

Building restrictions were still very severe and after much searching a sectional pre-fabricated concrete structure was found. This type of building was commonly used during the war for public restaurants, where a substantial coupon free meal could be obtained at a moderate price!

The Pre-fabThe Pre-Fab

This was purchased for £185 and a temporary building licence was secured for three years. One of the deacons, the late Mr. F. Hall, who was a builder and had worked with the local Council agreed to supervise the building.

The structure was in sections of pre-cast concrete with concrete supports for the wooden girders. The men and older boys of the church together with the Pastor, worked every Saturday and the longer evenings during the week as well.

Inside the Pre-fabInside the Pre-fab

Electrical equipment providing heating for the winter and fans for the summer were installed. A baptistry was also built, the only problem being how to fill and empty it. This was finally overcome by running a hose from the old kitchen to fill it, and using the same hose with a suction pump it could be emptied.

The new building was opened April 16 1949 by the Mayoress of Ealing.

In 1953 notice was given to have the temporary structure dismantled to make way for the front part of the present building, under War Damage Commission claim. The problem was how to dispose of it.

As an answer to prayer, an offer The 'Pre-Fab was received from the Reading branch of the British Legion to purchase it. This was agreed, providing they made the arrangements for dismantling and removing it. They agreed and for £137 purchased it. Building work had now to begin all over again.

Foundation Problems

During this time, Methodist friends gave assistance again and Sunday Services were held in their hut.

The bomb which had destroyed the original church demolished not only the building but went through the foundations of solid concrete too leaving a crater some 25-30 feet wide. There was some delay due to a dispute with the War Damage Commission in connection with the crater. No firm bottom could be found in the crater and consequently, before they would allow rebuilding to proceed further, they insisted that the hole be filled in with dry cement and the foundations strengthened by driving piles all round the foundations. This work added considerably to the bill, but the War Damage Commission finally agreed to pay it.

The architect said afterwards that it was the strongest foundation he knew within miles! The church was on a sure foundation in more ways than one. The deep piles however were, 14 years later, to be the source of more headaches when the existing extension was built. They apparently did not appear on the plans lodged with the Town Hall so that the architect was unaware of their presence.

On Saturday, 23rd April 1955 the present church building was opened for worship. The total cost amounted to approximately £30,000.

Retirement of Rev. Richards

In July 1955 Rev. Richards became very ill and needed a long stay in hospital. It was not until September 4 1956 that he was well enough to attend a Deacons' Meeting. It was at the meeting that he informed them of his wish to resign from the pastorate having been given strong medical advice to do so. This he did on 10 October 1956.

Through the long and trying period of interregnum, the deacons and members faithfully maintained the witness of the church, greatly assisted by the Area Superintendent Rev. W. D. Jackson.

Rev. E. M. Forward

For two years the church was without a Pastor and Rev. A. E. Willmot agreed to be the Moderator, a position which he filled with distinction until Rev. E. M. Forward from Bushey Baptist Church was inducted to the Pastorate on Saturday, 18 October 1958

Rev. E. M. ForwardRev. E. M. Forward

Mr. and Mrs. Forward settled down quickly. Rev. Forward's ministry was essentially evangelical (bible believing) and proved particularly fruitful among the young people. Three of them have since become Baptist ministers themselves – Dr. Paul Fiddes, Rev. James Binney and Rev. Stephen Barton.

The main hall (Browning Hall) was too large for small gatherings, whilst the two dressing rooms adjacent to what used to be the stage at that time, were too small and frequently unusable anyway as equipment was stored in them.

On January 5 1959, the question of an extension was raised at the Deacons' Meeting. The first application for a loan from the Baptist Building Fund and the London Baptist Property Board was made in March 1959. The Northolt Village Mission greatly encouraged the church by making a generous donation of £1,000. Unfortunately the Baptist Building Fund were unable to grant a loan at that time and suggested application be made again in 1960.

The architect, Mr. A. O. Edwards, submitted a proposal which amounted to £9,000 which was generally agreed. From old minutes the meeting held on September 20 1961, it was stated that "it was hoped to start building in 1963". The first attempt was not, however, proceeded with. It was not until 1964 that the question was raised again and this time Mr. Cyril Greening of K. C. White and Partners was appointed as architect.

The extension was actually started in 1969 and the new halls were opened for use May 30 1970 at a cost of £22,000.

Rev. Forward did not remain to see the building started as he left Greenford December 1967 to take up the pastorate at New Malden Baptist Church. Once again Rev. A. E. Willmott stepped in as Moderator during the interregnum, which lasted nearly 2 years. During this time Mr. D. Urquhart, then the Church Secretary, shouldered much of the responsibility. Both Mr. Urquhart and his wife have been active members of the church since 1953. (In 1978 Mr. Urquhart retired as Church Secretary after 25 years faithful service).

Rev. L. A. Bayly

After the long period without a minister, Rev. L. A. Bayly from Mansfield was called to the Pastorate and commenced his ministry on 1st November 1969. Rev. Bayly, earlier in his ministerial life, had been associated with West Ealing Baptist Church. Through hard work and determination it was during Rev. Bayly's ministry at Greenford, that the church finally became free from the burden of the building extension debt. Rev. Bayly sacrificed much personally so that the church debts might be paid. This, together with his constancy and faithful teaching ministry proved to be a great blessing and inspiration to many people.

Rev. L. A. BaylyRev. L. A. Bayly

After a trying time with his health, Rev. Bayly felt that he should retire from the ministry and in March 1977, he and his wife moved to Ramsgate.

Rev. M. Goodspeed from North Hanwell Baptist Church agreed to be the moderator. During this time he helped and encouraged the church considerably.

Rev. John Bunt

Once again, the church had to find a new man. On 17 September 1977 Rev. John Bunt from Bristol was inducted into the Pastor at Greenford.

Rev. John BuntRev. John Bunt

Through the history of the Baptist Church at Greenford, with its changes of building and ministers, it cannot be forgotten that God has been with His people, inspiring, encouraging, guiding and comforting. It is to Him that the church as a body of Christians, must look for the future.

Greenford in 1980 The Church that is not experiencing change is probably not growing and not enjoying the fullness of the Lord's blessing, since the Lord is always leading us on into new things. A Church that is alive must, by definition, be growing.

The coming of the Reverend John Bunt to the Church at Greenford in September 1977 was the culmination of a brief but valuable interregnum in which the Lord was already bringing about change in practical ways and spiritual direction.

The initial impact of Mr. Bunt's arrival was notably chiefly due to Andrew and Nicola Bunt (then aged 4 and 2 for those unacquainted). Since there was a lack of young families in the Church at that time, the introduction of two high spirited youngsters was quite a shock, although their father tells me that now the initial excitement of new surroundings has worn off they are really quite placid children!

The lack of young families in the Church was one of the initial problems tackled with a change from afternoon to morning Sunday School and the introduction of monthly family services. Although not without its problems, primarily for the Sunday School in making the necessary adjustments, this change has transformed the morning service from a small gathering to a normally full Church. An added joy on a number of occasions, has been the moving back of the partitioning to accommodate the overflow into the Browning Hall.

Another feature of the morning service is the number of dedication services held, which are becoming something of a speciality to our Pastor, and a source of 'internal Church growth'.

A great joy, in the early months of Mr. Bunt's ministry, was to reap where others had sown and seven girls were received into membership following baptism.

In the last two years missionary interest has been stimulated by the departure to Zaire of Miss Joan Maple; the first BMS missionary from this Church. Joan's valedictory service was on 13 February 1978 and in August of that year Joan came home for a holiday and was able to give us all a personal insight into the work.

Links with a number of Baptist Churches have been strengthened through the return of 'old boys' Rev. Stephen Barton (Stanmore) and Rev. Jim Binney (Streatham) to the London area and the closer ties forged with North Hanwell in the interregnum. From all these sources Church life at Greenford has certainly benefited and we are thankful for these friends and others who support the work at Greenford.

In a short article one cannot possibly do justice to the tremendous week-by-week work that is done in so many Church organisations including the Boys and Girls Brigades, Sunday School, Christian Endeavour, Youth Club, Women's Own and Ladies Fellowship. Much of the life of the Church is expressed in their activities and we pray the Lord will continue to bless each organisation as parts of one Church growing both numerically and spiritually.

On the practical front Mr. Bunt inherited a Church free of the debt incurred in the construction of the new building. However as a partial consequence much has needed to be spent on the Manse and Church building, although the dramatic increase in offerings has been something for which we have truly given the Lord our thanks.

Although the Church has only been involved in limited evangelistic efforts in the neighbourhood for example the 'PACE' witness in local schools, it has been encouraging to see the Lord bringing people to the Church and we pray that the fellowship at Greenford may become so warm and attractive that many others may be drawn to us in this way.

Perhaps the keynote of Mr. Bunt's ministry over the past two years has been to promote the need for the whole Church family, young and old, to have a reality of day-to-day experience of the Lord's fullness, promoting the fruit of the Spirit and in particular that real joy of the Lord in our hearts.

In pressing toward this goal much of the work has been in tackling attitudes within the Church and a foundation has now been laid from which greater things may be achieved. There is certainly no room for complacency in any Church and often the achievements of the past, whilst great, seem small in relation to the future challenge.

David Ledster (Church Secretary, 1980)

Looking Forward

Written by past Minister Rev. John Bunt in 1980

As minister of Greenford Baptist church, I would like to acknowledge the tremendous debt the church owes to its past members and ministers. Their faith and inspiration empowered them to continue, particularly after the destruction of the church building during the war. It is my intention, in this article, to share a vision of what Greenford Baptist Church exists for, both now and for the future.

Opportunity To Worship

The first, and most important, reason that Greenford Baptist Church exists is to provide an opportunity for people to worship God within the framework of a Free Church. What does worship mean? I believe it means–adoration, thanksgiving, confession, petition, meditation and dedication–all that prayer is in fact.

Those who exclude God from their lives often find they are left with a sense of hopelessness and despair. This forlorn attitude is expressed in two statements which I read recently about man. The first was "Man is a low form of cellular life on his way to the manure heap". The second, "Man is fighting a lone battle against a vast indifference". Such is the spirit of hopelessness when people exclude God from their thinking. Greenford Baptist Church stands as a beacon–a light in the middle of darkness. It offers people an opportunity to believe in and to worship someone strong, loving, serene and holy.

Opportunity To Offer Christ

The second reason that Greenford Baptist Church exists is to offer Jesus Christ to men, women, boys and girls.. I recall the story of a journalist, a lonely man, who was in despair of his life to the extent of wanting to kill himself with poison. On the way to find a place to commit his suicide, he passed a church. An impulse led him inside.

As a result of the ministry which he received inside, he came out, threw away the poison, sought the minister and subsequently began a new life. He had met with people in that church who offered him Jesus Christ as an answer to his problems. Without that witness, the man would have died in his despair.

All around are people who are like this journalist, They are unhappy, burdened with problems, repressed, inhibited and bewildered. They are unable to see beauty, meaning or joy in life. The church has something to offer that can end their loneliness, lighten their burdens and transform their lives. It is a living Saviour–Jesus Christ the Lord.

Opportunity For Fellowship

The third reason Greenford Baptist Church exists is to offer an opportunity for fellowship among all ages. One of the things that please me is to hear someone say, "As soon as I came into the church, I felt I was among friends". I want that to be true of Greenford Baptist Church. Love is the key here. It is so easy to find fault–to see where others are wrong rather than be eager to see and draw out the best in people. Love and prayers in the fellowship will make it easier for others to find God. I am quite sure that the synagogue was quite a different place when Jesus was present. If we come in the right spirit and ask God to unite the church and to give it a true sense of fellowship, the whole service will be a blessing to all who come to it.

The church is the fellowship of God's people, however old or young. The child dedication service indicates that parents are anxious for the church to be included in the bringing up of their child into the family of God. Part of this may mean the church helping in practical ways too. Often the very loveliest of God's gifts–a child–can cause parents to drift away from the fellowship because of the practical problems in bringing up children. Parents and children coming to church together will build up a strong sense of family worship. This is something which needs to be encouraged in the fellowship. The Sunday school is also a good opportunity for children to take a more definite part in church life from their earliest years.

What a wonderful thing it is for Greenford Baptist Church to serve the community by offering joy and meaningfulness of life with Christ at the centre. Without Him there is no purpose. The world offers many fleeting pleasures, many of which lead to emptiness and despair. The church can offer God, Christ, new life, true fellowship, good humour, service to the community, and through it all worship of Him who loved us and gave Himself for us.

I believe we are stepping out into a tremendously hopeful future with many possibilities. I call upon God's people to help by continuing in prayer, dedication, love and faith which will strengthen and build up the Greenford Baptist Church of tomorrow.

Research and original draft of the history of Greenford Baptist Church was kindly co-ordinated by the late Mr. A.J. Bosworth, one of the original founders and latterly Church Treasurer. Also acknowledged with grateful thanks is the gift from his wife May, in memory of her husband toward the publishing of this Jubilee Magazine. Produced and edited by Jean Anness in 1980. Historical photographs by courtesy of Mr. W.A. Whipps.

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Some GBC highlights of 2008

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Historic and Modern Facts about Greenford

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Greenford Baptist Church building - before it was blown up in the Second World War

Greenford Baptist Church's building - before it was blown up in the Second World War.

Read about the fascinating History of Greenford Baptist Church.
London borough Ealing
Ceremonial county Greater London
Region London
Constituent country England
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Postcode district UB6
Dialling code 020
Police Metropolitan
Fire London
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European Parliament London
UK Parliament Ealing North
London Assembly Ealing and Hillingdon

For Current facts about Greenford see the Ealing Council website.

A Brief History of Greenford

Greenford, historically Greenford Magna, is a suburb in the London Borough of Ealing in west London, England. It is one of the oldest recorded places in Ealing, first referred to in a Saxon charter dated 845AD. It was known then as Grenan Forda. Historically, it was part of the county of Middlesex but now it's part of Greater London.

In the Domesday survey, about 200 years later, the population contained 27 people and one Frenchman. The Abbey of Westminster held land in Greenford before the Norman Conquest and the manor remained in the hands of the Abbey until the Dissolution during Henry VIII's reign.

A small suburb called Perivale is considered to be part of Greenford and was referred to as Greenford Parva (Little Greenford) until the 15th century.

Until the mid-19th century Greenford was almost exclusively agricultural and the population grew very slowly. In 1801 a community of 359 people lived here and by 1871 it was still less than 600.

The Paddington branch of the Grand Junction Canal opened in 1801 but because the area was so secluded, by 1811 Greenford was a popular stop for day trips from the capital.

There was no main road through the parish and the area remained isolated until the coming of the Great Western Railway in 1904. The age of the train changed the appearance and nature of Greenford completely with factories being established and residential development accelerating after the First World War.

Greenford is considered to be birthplace of the modern organic chemical industry. It was in William Perkin's chemical factory in North Greenford, by the Grand Union Canal, that the world's first aniline dye was discovered in March 1856. Perkin called his amazing discovery 'mauveine'. Today there is a blue plaque marking the spot in Oldfield Lane North, just south of the Black Horse Public House. The former Rockware glassworks on the canal is commemorated by Rockware Avenue.

The most prominent landmarks in the suburb are the A40 (a large road that connects Central London with the M40 motorway) and Horsenden Hill - which towers 85 metres (280 ft) above sea level. Other notable historic sites are the small Parish Church of Holy Cross (14th century) and Betham House, built by Edward Betham (around 1780).

Today's Greenford is a vibrant multi-ethnic community with new businesses, shops and diverse communities from all over the world. Greenford and its surrounding areas have become an upcoming buoyant area in which to live. It is only minutes away from Ealing and Harrow, offers links to central London with the A40 and the Central Line Railway and also has easy access to Heathrow Airport via a direct Bus service.

Greenford contains a vibrant multi-ethnic community living mainly in 1930s and 1950s houses, maisonettes and flats. There are local schools and churches for all major Christian denominations and extensive shopping facilities where both modern and traditional tastes are all catered for. There is a strong community feel in Greenford as it meets the needs of a diverse population and still manages to keep the village feel.

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What is it about Greenford Baptist Church?

What is it about Greenford Baptist Church?

Pastor David Wise asks "What is it about Greenford Baptist Church that is attracting people to this church family, here in West London in October 2008?"

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Pastoral Care - Greenford  Baptist  Church Vision Statement

  • To see every member being loved and cared for, loving and caring in turn for other members of the Church
  • To see provided an additional source of Pastoral Care, particularly to those who are in special need

To see every member involved in a group/team, being discipled and discipling others

Terms of Reference

Greenford Baptist Church - Pastoral Care Working Group


To facilitate achievement of the GBC’s Pastoral Care vision and mission statement through process which allows the church family to more fully use talents in sharing one another’s burdens and joys


  • Develop implement and review strategic plan towards Pastoral Care
  • Introduce, develop and implement new schemes to encourage formation and growth of discipleship and prayer groups
  • Develop and implement schemes to cater for vulnerable people and members on the fringe so as to draw them into the core church family
  • Discuss and work with representatives from existing groups
  • Facilitate access to specialist care
  • Work under the supervision of Leadership team

Qualities and Roles

  • A caring Christian – desiring to offer support in times of need
  • A sharing Christian -  bringing who he/she is to relationship, as a partner in another’s life experiences
  • A trained Christian – having developed his/her skills through work
  • A dedicated Christian – commissioned to in-depth caring
  • A brief, visitor, “touching base” with people now and then.

Information shared with the group will be held in confidence, except for the proviso that it may be shared with the Pastor, member of the Leadership team or with ‘experts’ as appropriate

PS: - Meetings will be held monthly and communication will continue via other means between meetings

….Love one another as I have loved you”

Undefined - Friday

Jo McMillanJo McMillan

Undefined is our weekly youth decipleship meeting and it is held in the church building from 7.15pm to 9.00pm.

Please contact Jo McMillan for full details of this exciting meeting.

Lee Scott's Baptism

Lee Scott's BaptismGreenford Methodist Church member Lee Scott gets baptised at Greenford Baptist Church. Pastor David Wise explains the biblical meaning of baptism and prophesies over him.

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Envisioned - prophetic group

Liz RobertsonLiz Robertson

Liz Robertson, who is part of the Leadership Team, heads up a group called Envisioned. This is an open group of people from within the Church that God sometimes speaks through prophetically - read the Three Prophecies of GBC.

There is no set programme or series of meeting dates but the group comes together every once in a while to learn how to hear God's voice or discern His will in situations.

Nature Designed and Built by God

These images reflect the glory of their Creator.

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Church Family and Friends Gallery

Here are some of the people who are part of Greenford Baptist Church family and their friends.

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Prophetic Art Gallery

The photo gallery on this page shows some of the paintings we did at the annual Broader Leadership Group day-away in January 2008.

We were asked to paint anything we liked. After what seemed like only ten minutes were told with enthusiasm to put our brushes, crayons and pencils down (just like in a school exam).

By this time some of us had finished our works of art and were resting but most of us were left with struggling with incomplete pieces.

One of the resting artists was then taken over to a still "struggling" artist. Their help was offered to colour in the easy bits - to enable the struggling artist to concentrate on the unfinished bits that only they could do. The painting in question is the first one in the gallery below.

The whole exercise was an stunning prophetic statement demonstrating why teamwork and cooperation among God's people is so important. Here are some of the paintings.

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Barrington Hall's baptism

Barrington Hall's baptismThis is Barrington Hall's Baptism but watch out for the unexpected Christmas tree!

Read more: Barrington Hall's Baptism

Church Website Testimony

WebsiteIt's unusual to hear a testimony that mentions a church website — Greenford Baptist Church's very own gbcweb.tv in this case — but if the truth be told, the testimony is really about God and the way he has resourced us.

Read more: Church Website Testimony

Ben Wise's Last Drumming Solo of 2007

Ben Wise's Last Drumming Solo of 2007Ben Wise is our Pastor's son and he his pretty ace on the skins. Watch and listen to Ben playing an (almost) solo of "His Army Marches Out In Splender" - you can hear the singing way in the background.

Ben comes from a musically gifted family - his sister Naomi is a cool flautist and his Dad loves to drum as well.

Read more: Ben Wise's Last Drumming Solo of 2007

Gym Bible Study Group - Wednesday

Age group: early 20’s to early 30’s

Time: 8.30pm–10.00 pm every Wednesday

Venue: The ASK? Room (upstairs in the newer building)

The main objective of this group is to provide a place where young adults can come together and explore the bible, deepening and widening their understanding of the word of God. It is a group where Christians are able to come and praise and worship God and share their life experiences and testimonies with one another.

The group will not only strengthen ones relationship with God but will also enable people to build and strengthen long lasting friendships with other Christians in the group; providing Christians with an opportunity to offer one another encouragement and support.

The group is led by Bayode Adisa and co-led by Bola Awoniy.

This Visit Us and Map page is at greenfordbaptist.church/map.

Come, visit us and experience our hospitality. You really will be made to feel accepted and welcomed.

Details of our Sunday services and other meetings are on our Meetings page.

Greenford Baptist Church Address, Directions and Map

Map and Directions to Greenford Baptist Church

Greenford Baptist Church
Beechwood Avenue
Greenford UB6 9UA
United Kingdom
P: 020 8575 5034 P: +44 20 8575 5034 or email us.

Greenford is surrounded by Southall, Hayes, Hillingdon, Northolt, Wembley and Ealing and is six miles north-east of London Heathrow Airport.

We are in the southwest corner of Greenford, close to Southall and Northolt, West London in the United Kingdom. Situated on the corner of Beechwood Avenue and Ruislip Road (which is the the main road) we are a mile west of the main shopping centre in Greenford Broadway.

Planning Your Journey

The two nearest bus stops are either side of Ruislip Road, opposite and near the church building.

The Beechwood Avenue bus stop is directly outside the church building on the opposite side of Ruilslip Road and buses go westward to Northolt, Hayes, Ruislip, Southall etc.

The Eastmead Avenue bus stop is on the same side of Ruislip Road as the church building, at the top of Eastmead Avenue, which is 100 meters east. Here buses go eastward to Greenford, Perivale, Ealing etc.

The Journey Planner at Transport for London will enable you to plan and print out the best route to us by public transport. If you need further help please contact the Church Office.

Greenford Baptist Church's Children and Youth Advocate

As part of Greenford Baptist Church's 'Safe To Grow' policy, members of our Youth Church called ASK? (which is for young teens, school years seven and above) and their parents/guardians have a dedicated Children and Youth Advocate to speak to if any Child Protection issues arise. Our Policy Statement On Safeguarding Children and Young People in the Church can be found here.

The Children and Youth Advocates is Belinda Adisa.

Click to contact Belinda Adisa
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Women Alive in Ministry - Ladies Group

Women Alive in Ministry is a ladies group which meets on bi-monthly from 7.00pm to 9.00pm in the ASK? room but will move to the downstairs room if anyone has problems with the stairs. There is a creche/sitting service to enable those ladies with childcare issues the opportunity to still come.

The meetings are social and relationship building but will also have the added benefit of having spiritual content. The co-ordinating team consists of Hannah Adenubi, Belinda Adisa, Bose Akhabau, Carleen Donaldson-Hall, Margaret Hall and Chris O'Connor. Women are welcome to contact any one of them and suggest activities for Women Alive meetings (an easy way to contact them is by emailing Carleen Donaldson-Hall.

Women of any age welcome, from the young to the not-so-young. Please check the weekly CHURCH NEWS for details and venues of future meetings.

Leadership Team

Here is the Leadership Team of Greenford Baptist Church.

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Here is the Leadership Team list (click their names to contact them at any time)

  1. Andy Robertson - Worship Facilitator and Justice Campaigns co-ordinator
  2. Carleen Donaldson-Hall - Church Secretary
  3. Hannah Adenubi
  4. Marsha James
  5. Rotimi Awoniyi - Treasurer
  6. Sabrina Chung
  7. Warren McNeil - Pastor

Church Premises Management Team

There are six people in the Church Premises Management Team (CPMT)

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Here are the names of the CPMT members:

  1. Frank Cadman (Chair)
  2. Akin Adenubi
  3. Chris Davey
  4. Edwin Yemoah
  5. Warren McNeil (Pastor)

Bola Awoniyi's Baptism

Our church building was packed on Sunday morning of 20 November 2005 as Bola Awoniyi was baptised.

Click a picture to enlarge it. Navigation: Touch screen swipe left or right. Keyboard press right or left arrow key.

This last photo, taken by one of Bola's friends, shows Warren (holding the microphone) trying to dodge the wave of water just about to be thrown off Bola as he resurfaces from the baptism pool. This shot was particularly noteworthy as a pastor in the UK recently was electrocuted due to his microphone with a faulty earth (ground) falling into his baptism pool.

The Three Prophecies to GBC

huikYou may be aware that God has been challenging us recently. Three prophetic words have been key in this, as well as some prophetic symbolism.

Watch the  video of The First Prophecy and read the texts of all three prophecies that follow it. Further down the page you can also see an image illustrating The Well Prophecy.

Read more: The Three Prophecies to GBC

Greenford Baptist Church's Evangelism Strategy


For everyone in our area to be reached with the Good News that God loves and cares about them


  • to make regular prayer, both private and with others, an ongoing priority
  • to be involved in community events to raise the profile of the local church
  • to see a "culture of evangelism" developed in the church
  • to ensure that all church members have the confidence to talk to people they know about their faith
  • to run events that break down barriers to faith and stereotypes of "church"
  • to provide a safe and comfortable environment for those asking questions about Christianity to discover and develop a relationship with God for themselves
  • to communicate the Good News of Jesus effectively, utilising the full range of media


  • to see all church members using their network of relationships to share the Good News of Jesus
  • to develop partnerships with other organisations and churches that facilitate the communication of the Good News about Jesus
  • to increase the profile and effectiveness of our evangelism prayer co-ordinator
  • to hold quality large scale social events that draw in people from the local community and to run events with Christian content parallel with these social events which will challenge people's thinking
  • to see Sunday meetings being "non-Christian friendly", AND a place where the gospel is clearly communicated
  • to continue Alpha courses at intervals so as to ensure large numbers of enquirers can be catered for
  • to develop a professional display board to be used at all community events
  • to continue involvement in local schools through Back to Reality
  • to be involved in the Greenford Carnival
  • to systematically pray through our neighbourhood
  • to run a number of workshops to equip people to better share their faith
  • to see people baptised, added to the church family and becoming disciples

Greenford Baptist Church Children's Ministry Vision

Vision Statement

The Children’s Ministry will be a place where:-

The leaders will:

  • be trained
  • be supported
  • pray and be prayed for

The children will: feel loved

  • learn about God
  • see God at work
  • experience God in their lives

We need to increase our expectations of children in their relationship with God.

Basic Beliefs

"Repent and be baptised everyone of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off – for all whom the Lord our God will call” Acts 2:38 and 39

We believe that:

  • children can be born again
  • children are an equal part of the family of God
  • God can give children spiritual gifts and enable them to use them
  • children can be given responsibilities
  • children can be challenged to live out their faith
  • children need more than just Bible stories they need to know the relevance and application to their lives
  • parents and the home should be the main faith learning ground for children of Christian parents
  • children in church need to be taught/cared for in church by people:-
  1. with a calling to do so
  2. who love and respect children
  3. who receive training and support to do so to the best of their God given ability

“If anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Matthew 18 v.6

  • children should be ‘safe to grow’ i.e. protected from harmful influences and abuse – mental, physical, sexual, neglectful and spiritual.

Characteristics of the Children’s Ministry


“From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger” Psalms 8:2

  • to feel loved and cared for and treated equally
  • to enjoy themselves at church activities and want to come
  • to learn about God
  • to provide an environment where children can make a commitment to God and be supported having done so
  • for them to know how to live out their faith
  • for both the children and adults to expect God to use the children for His Glory

Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator/Group

  • to have a vision of what God wants for the children’s work and share that with others
  • to support the children’s workers
  • to assist with recruitment and organisation of leaders, meetings, training
  • to pray regularly for the leaders and children
  • to be supported and prayed for by Leadership Team and church family


“Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it” Proverbs 22:6

  • to love children and to know a sense of having been called by God
  • to be trained to meet the children’s needs
  • to be supported by each other and by the church family
  • to have completed the ‘safe to grow’ policy
  • to pray for the children’s needs


“These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up” Deuteronomy 6:6 and 7

  • to recognise their responsibility for their children’s spiritual welfare
  • where possible to be an integral part of the church’s work with children
  • to seek for them to be involved in groups either on a one off basis or more regularly


“Jesus said ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” Matthew 19:14

  • to support in prayer and practical ways the children and their leaders
  • to enable the children to be included in, and an integral part of, all God is doing within our church


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Church Visions and Policies

Vision and Policies of Greenford Baptist ChurchHere are the Visions, Policies and Strategies of Greenford Baptist Church.

Events 2

Information, hints and tips so you can get the most out of the Greenford Baptist Church Calendar System.

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About Us Videos 24

Here is a selection of videos about GBC people. See the sort of things they get up to in the life of Greenford Baptist Church.

Baptism Videos at Greenford Baptist Church 6

Jesus said, "Believe and be baptised" and we agree! Here you can see videos of believers actually being baptised at GBC. You can hear some of the stories of how they came to know Jesus personally.


Interview Videos at Greenford Baptist Church 6

Interviews are a great way to find out about what's going on in people's lives. They may be about a project of some kind or they may be of a more personal nature. Each of our interviewers and interviewees are church members.

Prophecy Videos at Greenford Baptist Church 4

God often speaks to us and through us to others. Here are some short videos telling us what God said to Greenford Baptist Church.

Testimony Videos at Greenford Baptist Church 6

God loves doing things in and through the lives of His children and we love to publicly tell others about them. Here are a few encouraging examples.

Worship Videos 5

Our God is to be worshipped, so here are some beautiful worship videos from various sources.

Video Training 10

Video Training

How to shoot the best Bible teaching videos for our viewers on the worldwide web.

This is not a step-by-step manual, it is a compilation of hints and tips covering day-to-day issues to enable you to shoot the best possible Bible teaching videos.

Any questions? Please contact the author Andy Wilson (video producer/editor) on 07532 383311or email at .